What’s It Like To Be…
an Adventurer

Please tell our readers a little bit about yourself.
My name is Trish Sare. I’m the founder
and owner of BikeHike Adventures in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. I started BikeHike 24 years ago after spending seven years living abroad.
My life is about experiences, much more so than accumulating things. I am also passionate about animals, especially furry felines.

What do you love most about traveling/adventuring?
I love exploring new lands, meeting the local people and learning about their cultures. Adventure travel enriches one’s life and opens us up to how others in the world live. I also love to be active and challenge myself with
new activities.

Why is it important to travel and see and do new things?
To gain an appreciation for other cultures and the world and experience how other people live in developing and developed countries. To never experience other lands besides home will make for a very insular and sheltered perspective of the world. There are so many different landscapes, cultures, religions, types of flora and fauna, languages, cuisines and political systems to be exposed to. International travel gives one a well-rounded worldview.

What is something you wish everyone knew about traveling?
In my opinion, it is one of the best educations that one can have in their lifetime. It is not learning from a book but experiencing firsthand. It is also a great opportunity to meet people. People tend to be much more open when they travel compared to when they are at home. Conversations flow much easier. Also, it’s easy to travel, especially today with the digital world offering so much information. Just always ensure to have your street smarts when traveling into foreign lands.

If you could travel to another planet, would you?
Right now, I don’t think that I would go to live on another planet. I find it rather intimidating to travel through space to get to another planet. It’s just a little too far from home and takes me out of my comfort zone too much. However, as we learn more about space travel and develop safer and speedier passages to get there, my views on this may change. One day I may look at space travel the same way (I view) traveling to another country.

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