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Dambulla Cave Temples

Buddha statuesin Dambulla cavetemple, Sri LankaDambulla Cave Temple is the largest and best-preservedcave temple system in Sri Lanka. Buddhism has been apopular religion in Sri Lanka for centuries, and this cavesystem is one of the oldest sacred sites for Buddhism inthe country. It dates back to the third century BCE. Overmany years Buddhist monks carved […]

Did You Know

According to Oldways, a nonprofit organization that helps people rediscover and embrace shared cultural eating traditions, traditional meals in Africa varied depending on where on the continent one might be. In Central Africa, Oldways notes that traditional meals were often based on hearty vegetable soups and stews that were poured over boiled and mashed tubers […]

Hawaiian Luau

Hawaii is famous for its parties known as luaus. When people think of luaus, they often picture roasted pig and hula dancing, but these traditional feasts have a long and rich history for the native people of Hawaii and other Polynesian countries. Before luaus, there were large celebratory feasts called aha’aina.

Measuring and Predicting Earthquakes


An earthquake is when an area of Earth’s crust suddenly starts to shake. This shaking is caused by seismic waves — energy that travels through Earth’s layers. 

Earth’s crust is broken up into large pieces called tectonic plates. These plates push against each other and store large amounts of energy. When the plates suddenly […]

Outrigger Sailing

Sailing has been an important part of human discovery for thousands of years. More than 3,000 years ago, people from Southeast Asia used canoes to travel hundreds of miles across the ocean to the islands of Samoa and Tonga, which are located in the South Pacific Ocean. Those ancient people made new homes and came […]

Types of Volcanoes and Geysers

The earth is made of five different layers. The top and thinnest layer is called the crust. Under the crust is the mantle. The mantle is made of hot, molten rock. Sometimes Earth’s crust has cracks, and things really heat up! This is called volcanic activity.

Geysers and Hot Springs
Geysers and hot springs […]

What’s it Like to be a Cartographer?

Please tell our readers a little bit about yourself.

My name is Brooke Harding, and I am a cartographer for the United States Agency for International Development in Washington, D.C. I am also a board member for the North American Cartographic Information Society, an enjoyable group of map lovers. Outside of my job, I love traveling […]

The Tsushima Leopard

Tsushima is a beautiful Japanese island. It is 709 square kilometers, or 440.5 square miles, big and only 30 miles from South Korea. Most of the island is covered in mountain forests, and tourists visit the island to enjoy its natural beauty. One of the most popular attractions is the Tsushima Wildlife Conservation Center, which […]

Where in the World: Japan

The first people to live on the Japanese islands traveled from the Asian continent between 30,000 and 10,000 years ago. There were land bridges between Siberia and Korea that let people travel by foot. The first society in Japan started 12,000 years ago, and they were called the Jomon. The first emperor of Japan was […]

Prepare for a Weather Disaster

It is important to be prepared for anything that life throws at you. For instance, you need to study for that tough math test or practice your big speech scheduled for next week or even rehearse your lines for the school play. Those tough football drills help you prepare for the big game, and that […]