Letter From Truman | March 2018

Hi, Kids!

We are talking about colonization this month. Hundreds of years ago, people left their homes and their loved ones to travel into the great unknown and explore what we now know as America. In the coming years, scientists expect we will have the technology that will make space colonization possible. You may be able to explore and live on Mars or other planets! “Connections” talks about space exploration and how it could shape our future.

The Smithsonian Institution is home to many of the relics that are a part of our history, including items from early explorers and Native Americans. You can learn more about this in the “Cultural Connections” section.
The great blue heron is a bird that thrives in most of North America. From marshes to rivers, lakes and ponds, this bird is not just big, it is beautiful, too. Read more about it in “Wildville.”
Don’t forget to “spring forward” and turn your clocks ahead March 11.

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