Letter From Truman

Hi, Kids!

We are talking about matter this month. Solids, gases and liquids are different states of matter. Did you know there are other states of matter, too? Plasma and beam are two of them. Read more about them in the “Connections” section.

When water becomes a condensed gas, it is called fog. As a weather element, fog can be dangerous to drive in, but it sure is pretty. Newfoundland is the foggiest place in the world. Newfoundland is also known for its distinct musical traditions, one of which is the ugly stick. Read more about it in the “Cultural Connections” section.

It’s February, and that means Valentine’s Day! “Around the World” takes a look at the start of this old tradition. While it usually means cards and candy, that wasn’t always the case.
What is your favorite Valentine’s Day tradition?


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