Double Ball

comeAs Louis and Clark travelled exploring the Louisiana Purchase they faced many obstacles. They had to find, food, shelter and water in an unfamiliar landscape. Often the land itself made it difficult for them to travel with tall mountains and thick rivers. Along the way they met many Native American people who helped them survive. The Mandan people, who live in what is now North Dakota even let the expedition stay with them during the first harsh winter. A very popular game for the Mandan is called Double Ball. It was often played by the women of the tribe, but it is a game that everyone can enjoy.

• There should be three teams of an even number of players, no more than five each side.
• Each player should have a long stick. A hockey stick would work well.
• Traditionally sticks were around 5 feet long, but for kids a smaller stick would be useful.
• There should be two goal posts. A goal post should be a low hanging horizontal bar. Traditionally, goal posts were the low hanging branches of trees.
• To create the double ball, two soft balls should be tied together by a sturdy piece of rope.
• Tennis balls work well because they are small, but soft.
• Traditionally the double ball was made of two deerskin balls tied together by a leather strap.
• Two teams should be guarding goal posts as defense.
• One team should be trying to score on offense.
• Players must catch the ball on their sticks and use the sticks to throw it and pass it.
• To score, the double ball must be thrown over a goal post.
• After 15 minutes teams should switch positions, after taking a quick break.
• Each team should be on defense twice and offense once. The team with the most goals at the end wins the game.

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