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Space Place – August 2017


When you look up at the night sky and see stars, what you’re seeing is light produced by those stars many years ago. Because this is how we study the stars, it helps to know a few cool things about light. For example, light always travels […]

Space Place – July 2017


It takes a lot of fuel to escape Earth’s gravity. The more a spacecraft weighs, the more fuel rockets need to launch them. Spacecraft also have to carry fuel to help them travel through space. Every bit of fuel adds weight and cost to space missions. Fortunately, […]

Orbiting Earth From Pole To Pole

Did you know that when you check the weather on your phone or watch your local weather forecaster on TV, you’re actually looking at information from a faraway satellite?

In 2017, a new satellite will be launched that will give us a better understanding of Earth’s climate and environment. It is part of a mission […]

Space Place – April 2017

Dwarf Planets: What Are They?

By the name, you might think that a dwarf planet is just a small planet. But that’s not quite true!

Like planets, dwarf planets have a rounded shape and orbit our sun. They don’t orbit anything other than the sun, so they’re not moons. However, there is one major di […]

Space Place- March 2017

Visiting an Asteroid

Our solar system is a busy place. We have the sun, eight planets, at least ve dwarf planets, and more than 170 moons. But we also have millions of comets and asteroids. One of these asteroids is named Bennu. Bennu is large, and it orbits the sun near the Earth’s orbit. is […]


The Sun: More Than An Average Star

There is one object in space that is more important to us on Earth than anything else in the universe. It is a bright star that lies at the very center of our solar system. at star is our sun. It is a huge ball of super hot […]

Studying Storms On Earth

You’ve probably seen some scary storms with very fast winds. But did you know that over the oceans, spinning storms can create even faster winds? ese storms are called tropical cyclones. Depending on where they happen in the world, these storms also go by other names, like hurricanes (in the North Atlantic Ocean) and typhoons […]

The Amazing Universe – December 2016

Hubble Space Telescope image of a small part of the universe filled with galaxies. It would take around 25 million pictures like this to cover the whole sky – space is really big!
Image credit: NASA, ESA, H. Teplitz and M. Rafelski (IPAC/ Caltech), A. Koekemoer (STScI), R. Windhorst (Arizona State University), and Z. […]

Earth’s Magnetic Shield

Thousands of miles beneath our feet, flowing electrons create a powerful force that protects life on Earth. This effect is called a magnetic field. But what creates this magnetic field? Deep, deep below the ground lies center of the Earth, also called its core. It is a place of incredibly high temperatures and pressures. Earth’s […]

Communicating With Curiousity

With cell phones and the Internet, we’re used to communicating with anyone, anywhere, quickly and easily. But how do scientists communicate with things that aren’t on our planet — such as the Curiosity Rover on Mars? This communication beyond Earth is a bit more complicated.

We communicate with spacecraft using radio signals. Radio signals move at the speed of light. […]