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Cool Kind Kid – Sept 2014

As the kids came into class, Ms. Gilmour asked each how his or her summer was. Everyone wanted to talk at once. She laughed as she saw how excited they were to tell her about their summers. They spent the first part of class sharing the fun things they did.
Ms. Gilmour […]

Summer Fun!

When Tanner, Nicole, Stephen, Rudy, Carmen and Truman the Dragon came into class, they were all smiling. Ms. Gilmour greeted each and asked why they were so happy. Everyone started talking at once. She laughed at how excited they were, and asked them to slow down and for one person to talk at a time.


Be Cool Kind Kid Camp Challengers

by Barbara Gilmour

The kids all came to class excited. When Ms. Gilmour asked them why they were so happy, one by one they said, “No more school!” “No homework!” “It’s summer!” “It’s fun time!”

Ms. Gilmour added, “It’s also CAMP time!” Everyone cheered for camp.

She then added, “What are some types of […]

Cool Kind Kid – The Classroom

Nicole, Carmen, Rudy, Steven, Tanner and Truman the Dragon dragged themselves into class. Ms. Gilmour looked at them and asked, “Why the long faces today?” Everyone tried to speak at once.

Tanner looked sad as he told the kids that some kids in his class were being disrespectful to the teacher. Nicole commented that kids […]

Cool Kind Kid Challengers

by Barbara Gilmour

Truman the Dragon came to class loaded down with art supplies. The other kids had some too, but not as much as Truman. When Ms. Gilmour saw him, she said, “Hello,” first and then rushed to help him.

Tanner, Rudy, Carmen, Stephen and Nicole all greeted her as they put their art […]

Local Kids Start Anti-Bullying Campaign

The kids were all excited when they arrived for class today. As Ms. Gilmour greeted each one, they all said, “I’m a ‘Cool Kind Kid Challenger’” to her. She laughed when she realized that they had planned this ahead of time. They began talking all at once, trying to tell her things that had happened […]