Back to school cool!

coolkindIt was the first day of class of the new school year, and Ms. Gilmour was as excited to greet the kids as they were to see her. Everyone wanted to tell her about their summer vacation. Tanner shared first.

“I went with my family to a dude ranch. We had a great time riding horses and learning how to take care of them. We had barbecues and bonfires at night. It was cool.” Nicole added, “I ride my horse every day. I know how much work it is to take care of a horse. I had several horse shows over the summer, so my family did that with me. It’s fun to travel together.”

Carmen then shared, “I had fun at soccer camp with my friends.” Rudy and Stephen also went to sports camp where they had a lot of fun as well. Truman the Dragon then added, “I traveled across the country in a camper with my family. We saw lots of interesting things, and had a great time together.”

Ms. Gilmour shared that she had gone to London for a visit. She then said, “It sounds like you all had fun this summer. Now how can we make summer fun continue into the start of school?”

Everyone groaned and made sad faces. Many said they didn’t think school could ever be as much fun as summer. Ms. Gilmour then asked the kids, “How can we make school a fun, cool place to go to every day?” Nicole was first to answer, “We have to get kids to be nicer to one another. In the summer, everyone seems to get along better.”

Stephen added, “I think Nicole is right. I don’t see as many kids fighting or teasing others in summer sports.” Truman then said, “Why is that? I see that, too. Summer sports seem to be for fun, but school sports are often harder. Too many kids are hurting each other just to get a goal or steal a base.”

Tanner then spoke up and said, “I think we need to be more accepting of others at school. In the summer we all seem to get along on the playground, or wherever we are.”

Carmen agreed with Tanner, “In the summer, we try more to look past differences and see everyone as equals.” Truman added, “That’s right. We all need to act like Cool Kind Kids whether in school or having summer fun.” All the kids agreed.

Ms. Gilmour then asked the kids, “What challenges are needed to make school a fun, cool place?” Nicole said, “We need to feel safe at school; so no bullying.”

“So I think the first challenge is ‘To be tough enough to stand up for a friend who is being bullied’.” Tanner said, “I know a good challenge, “Be tough enough to tell a friend who is bullying that he isn’t going to have many friends.” Carmen added, “Be cool enough to be kind to everyone.” Class ended, and everyone said, “Goodbye.”

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