Bullying Prevention – For More than Just October

Ms. Gilmour greeted each of the kids as they came into class. They were more excited today than the last time. She asked what changed since their last class.

Tanner was first to reply. “I saw some progress in stopping bullying at my school.”

Ms. Gilmour said, “That’s great!”

Nicole added, “We had a fun school assembly program that told us positive things we could do to stop bullying.”

Rudy was anxious to share next. “My school had some workshops where we got to tell about things that we have seen that weren’t very nice.”

Truman the Dragon reported, “We did those, too, and some kids were surprised at how others felt with some of the things they said and did.”

Carmen said, “We were given tips on what to do when we see someone being bullied.”

Rudy added, “I hope all the kids remember what we learned last month. We need to be aware of bullying not only in October, but all year long.”

The kids all agreed with Rudy. Ms. Gilmour then asked if they had any ideas about how to keep the positive changes going.

Nicole spoke up. “I think some new posters would be good reminders. All the kids would see them in the hallways.”

Carmen agreed, “Those were fun to do. Let’s do them again.”

Truman asked, “What should we put on them this time?

Ms. Gilmour smiled and said, “I have just the thing. We are trying to encourage kids to be Cool Kind Kid® Challengers, so why don’t we put these challenges on posters for your schools?”

The kids were excited to get started.

All the kids were excited when they left class to see where they would hang their posters.

by Barbara Gilmour

Note to Parents from Ms. Gilmour:
Bullying is the #2 epidemic in the United States. In addition to these Cool Kind Kid articles, we endeavor to provide up-to-date research, articles and other news on this topic on our Facebook page. For your kids, we post Tanner’s Tuesday Tips on Tuesdays, and Cool Kind Kid Challenger Tips on Fridays.We also post Shocking Sunday Stats to keep this issue in the forefront of people’s minds. We would love to post stories and photos of your kids being Cool Kind Kids, and how you have successfully dealt with bullying at your school or in your community. Go to www.facebook.com/coolkindkid. To send photos and stories and give your permission to post, go to info@coolkindkid.com.

Cool kind kid challengers…

  • Know rude behaviors can hurt or offend others, so they don’t participate in them.
  • Know that practicing The Golden Rule can help stop rude behaviors.
  • Know that swearing won’t make them look “cool” and that it turns others off.
  • Are careful not to repeat unnecessary words like “like,” “huh” and “you know.”
  • Never tease because they don’t want others teasing them.
  • Don’t stare at others because it makes people uncomfortable.
  • Try to include, not ignore.
  • Know that stopping rude behaviors among kids can help stop school bullying and violence.
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