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Connections – May 2017

Just like any other living thing on the planet, humans rely on the resources around them to provide everything that is necessary to live. In some places, it is harder to get these resources than others. One of the most difficult resources to acquire for many people is clean water. For example, although it borders […]


Can You Imagine A World With No Plants

Sure, it would look weird, but think about all the useful things plants do.
They produce oxygen.
They are a food source for people and animals.
They provide materials that we use to make clothes, medicines, houses, paper and more.
They reduce erosion […]

Kidsville Connection – March 2017

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, economics is a social science concerned chie y with description and analysis of the production, distribution and consumption of goods and services. ere are people who study patterns in how much people earn, how much companies produce and distribute and how much people consume of di erent products. These people […]



As much as we hate to admit it, weather plays an important role in our lives every day. On warm sunny days, it is fun to play outside. Cold, rainy days, though, aren’t as much fun when it comes to being outside. Deciding whether you will be able to play outside is one good […]

Kidsville Connections – January 2017

Even though the presidential election was last November, the new president does not take office until Jan. 20. That might seem like a long time, but it gives the outgoing president time to take care of unfinished business and the incoming president time to prepare for the job.

The day the new president takes office

Kidsville Connections – December 2016

Think how boring the world would be if all the flowers were one color or if there was only one kind of bird or if every street in every town was exactly the same. What
if you could only eat carrot soup for every meal? That would get boring pretty fast.
Variety keeps […]

Connections- James Madison and the War of 1812

James Madison drafted the U.S. Constitution,  helped write the Federalist Papers and strongly supported the Bill of Rights. He was a strong influence in the founding of America. His passion for freedom and love for his country was no secret. Madison served in several capacities before he was elected president in 1808 with close to […]

Connections – First Past The Post

One of the most important parts of having a democracy is letting the people of the nation express their opinions to the government. Even more  important is that these opinions have the power to drive change. Democracy first started in Athens in the fifth century B.C. The people of Athens created a government called a direct democracy where citizens attended debates and then voted […]


Imagine walking along the sidewalk and suddenly the ground drops away! Where the road or sidewalk used to be, there is a hole instead. This
sudden disappearance of land is called a cover-collapse sinkhole. The other type of sinkhole is a cover-subsidence sinkhole. The second type is less drastic
and less dangerous. The […]

13 Colonies Fun Facts

The original 13 colonies were settlements created by the British. On large ships they brought over families and supplies to build new homes in an unfamiliar land. Many people left England and headed to America because they hoped to start a new life. England was crowded and didn’t have enough land to support […]