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I’m a Cool Kind Kid… so I’m PATRIOTIC

When the kids came in for class, Ms. Gilmour handed each of them a small flag. Tanner, Nicole, Rudy, Carmen, Stephen and Truman the Dragon greeted her and took a flag.

Tanner asked her, “What are we doing with the flags?”

Ms. Gilmour then asked, “What do we celebrate in the month of June?”

“I […]

I challenge you to…

As the kids were coming into class, Ms. Gilmour was hanging some posters on the wall. The kids all greeted her and asked what the posters were for. She replied, “I put all the ideas you had last time for ways that Cool Kind Kids speak, act and think, onto these posters so we could […]

Cool Kind Kid – March 2016

As the kids came into class they were talking all at once. Ms. Gilmour stood there and waited. One by one, Tanner, Nicole, Stephen, Carmen, Rudy and Truman the Dragon noticed that Ms. Gilmour was watching them. Then they each dramatically greeted her with “Hello,” “How are you?” “It’s good to see you again” and […]

I’m a Cool Kind Kid® so I…

Ms. Gilmour greeted each of the kids as they came into class. Each one greeted her in return. Tanner asked, “What are we doing today?” Ms. Gilmour replied, “I think we should do something different today.” Nicole jumped up, saying, “Oh goody. I like to try new things.” Everyone laughed and looked at

I Want To Be…

When the kids came into class they saw a big poster that Ms. Gilmour had on the wall. As she greeted each, she asked, “Do you want to be a Cool Kind Kid?” Everyone replied, “Yes!” Then all the kids high-fived each other and jokingly asked, “Do you? Do you? Do you?” to everyone. […]

New Year – New Challenge

When the kids came into the first class after the holidays, they were all excited to share what they had done while on vacation from school. As Ms. Gilmour greeted each she asked, “I know you want to share the fun things you did over the holidays, but let’s talk about the things you did […]

Happy Holidays

When Tanner, Nicole, Rudy, Carmen, Stephen and Truman the Dragon cameinto class they were all excited to tell Ms.Gilmour about their Thanksgiving vacations. Everyone talked at once. She waited until the kids quieted down, and calmly said, “Happy Holidays.” They all started to laugh. Tanner said, “We met outside and knew that you would ask […]

Challenges for November

When the kids came into class, Ms. Gilmour greeted each with a “Hello,” “Welcome,” “Thank-you for coming today” and “How are you?” Each of the kids responded to her with one or more of those greetings. Tanner said, “Hello” to her. Nicole said, “Thank you. I’m fine, how are you?” Carmen greeted Ms. Gilmour and […]

Back to school cool!

It was the first day of class of the new school year, and Ms. Gilmour was as excited to greet the kids as they were to see her. Everyone wanted to tell her about their summer vacation. Tanner shared first.

“I went with my family to a dude ranch. We had a great time riding […]

Compliments – How they can prevent bullying?

The kids all came into class excited about what they were doing on their summer vacations from school. Ms. Gimour greeted each child and asked what fun things they had done so far during the summer. Nicole started by saying that her family had a staycation. Rudy said, “My family has done that. […]