I’m a Cool Kind Kid… so I’m PATRIOTIC

coolWhen the kids came in for class, Ms. Gilmour handed each of them a small flag. Tanner, Nicole, Rudy, Carmen, Stephen and Truman the Dragon greeted her and took a flag.

Tanner asked her, “What are we doing with the flags?”

Ms. Gilmour then asked, “What do we celebrate in the month of June?”

“I know,” yelled Stephen, “School is over!” The kids all laughed, cheered and high-fived Stephen.

“Yes, that is true,” she replied. “But what day in June is a special day for our country?”

“I know! June 14 is Flag Day,” said Nicole. Ms. Gilmour then asked, “Why do you think we celebrate Flag Day?”

Tanner jumped in with, “It’s the symbol of our country.”

Carmen added, “It shows others that we are Americans.” “Flying the flag shows that we are patriotic and love our country,” Rudy said.

Ms. Gilmour looked at Truman the Dragon and asked, “Truman, what does the flag mean to you?”

He stood up to his full height and said, “The American flag is a symbol of freedom and acceptance. It shows that everyone is accepted here — even dragons.”

Everyone cheered for Truman and gave him pats on his arm, because they couldn’t reach his shoulder. They then all marched around the room parade style, laughing all the way.

After everyone was quiet again, Ms. Gilmour continued. “Rules help you learn how to play your favorite sport, right?”

The kids all said, “Yes!”

“Well, did you know that there are rules for how to treat and display our flag? These rules can be found in the U.S. Flag Code. If you Google U.S. Flag Code, you will see all the rules.”
Rudy jumped up and acted scared as he said, “If we don’t follow the rules, will the flag police come and get us?”

Ms. Gilmour laughed then asked, “Who knows a flag code rule?”

Tanner explained one rule, “At my house our flag goes up in the morning, and we take it in at night.”

Stephen added, “You can leave it out if it is lighted.”

Nicole added, “But shouldn’t we take it in when the weather is bad?”

“Good point, Nicole. Yes, that is right,” answered Ms. Gilmour.
Carmen shared, “I heard that when a flag is old or worn out it should be burned, not thrown away.”

“Yes, that’s true. The American Legion proudly performs that service for us,” added Ms. Gilmour. She continued, “And it should never touch the ground, be in water or be stepped on.”

“When I go to parades with my family, I see people stand when the flag goes by. Others put their hand over their heart. It would be cool if everyone did that,” said Nicole.

“Wow!” said Truman. “All these things show respect for our flag. I want to check out the U.S. Flag Code to learn more of the rules.”

The kids said, “We are Cool Kind Kids, so we are patriotic!”

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