I challenge you to…

coolAs the kids were coming into class, Ms. Gilmour was hanging some posters on the wall. The kids all greeted her and asked what the posters were for. She replied, “I put all the ideas you had last time for ways that Cool Kind Kids speak, act and think, onto these posters so we could work with them today.” Tanner said, excitedly, “We made posters in art class at my school.” Nicole added, “We did that, too. Kids in my class thought it was fun.”

Rudy had his hand up, “What are we going to talk about today?” Ms. Gilmour answered, “When you left last time, we were talking about taking all the Cool Kind Kid ways of behaving and making them into Cool Kind Kid Challenges.” Truman the Dragon said in a loud voice, “Are you TOUGH enough to be KIND?” Carmen added, also in a loud voice, “Are you COOL enough to be KIND?” The kids all high-fived Truman and Carmen. Ms. Gilmour laughed and said, “I’m glad to see that you remember what the Cool Kind Kid Challenge is all about. Let’s write your challenges on the posters here next to each Cool Kind Kid action.”

She then said, “Let’s get started. Who wants to go first?” Stephen hadn’t said much since coming to class, but was eager to do this. He said, “Are you TOUGH enough to treat everyone with the same respect?” Nicole was waving her hand, “Are you COOL enough to try your best to be kind?” Tanner was next with, “Are you TOUGH enough to not be mean or rude to others?” Carmen added, “Are you COOL enough to comfort your friend when she is sad?” Rudy said, “Are you TOUGH enough to help a new kid find his way around the school?”

Truman the Dragon stood up to his full height and said, “Are you TOUGH enough to stand up for a friend who is being bullied.” He then blew a little fire at the kids, who
pretended they were afraid of him. Nicole laughed and added, “I think it’s important to be a helper, so I challenge kids ‘Are you COOL enough to help when asked, or see a need?’” Ms. Gilmour told Nicole that was a good one. She then asked the kids, “What are some challenges you can think of about being a good friend?”

Tanner was the first to respond with, “Are you TOUGH enough to play fair and share so others will want to be your friend?” Carmen added, “Are you COOL enough to watch what you say so you don’t hurt anyone’s feelings?” Rudy said, “It’s important that we be TOUGH enough to not brag and boast around friends.” Everyone agreed with Rudy that bragging and boasting wasn’t cool and was a good way to lose friends. Truman the Dragon added, “Are you COOL enough to treat others the way you want to be treated?”

Ms. Gilmour said, “Great job!” as the kids were leaving. Why don’t you try this at your school?

Note To Parents From Ms. Gilmour
In response to parent focus groups, Cool Kind Kid® has just introduced new products to help parents [and educators] provide the social skills tools necessary for their children [or students] to reject bullying. These include three books, flash and game cards, a Bullying Prevention Resource Kit and more can be found at www.CoolKindKid.com.

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