I’m a Cool Kind Kid® so I…

coolkidMs. Gilmour greeted each of the kids as they came into class. Each one greeted her in return. Tanner asked, “What are we doing today?” Ms. Gilmour replied, “I think we should do something different today.” Nicole jumped up, saying, “Oh goody. I like to try new things.” Everyone laughed and looked at
Ms. Gilmour.

She then said, “Usually when we get together, we talk about how to be Cool Kind Kids, and how we can get other kids to be Cool Kind Kids as well. The last time we met, I showed you the poster that said in big letters, “I’m a Cool Kind Kid.” It was like this one, only with a different colored background. I then asked each of you if you were Cool Kind Kids and how others would know that you were Cool Kind Kids. You all gave some great examples of qualities that Cool Kind Kids have, and things that Cool Kind Kids do, say and believe.”

Ms. Gilmour continued, “So today, let’s keep going with that, but let’s put all the ways to be a Cool Kind Kid on a poster. Carmen said she liked that idea. Rudy thought it sounded like fun. Stephen asked, “Can we each make one to hang in our schools?” Truman shared, “I like art projects. This sounds like fun.” Ms. Gilmour then said, “You can each make a poster to take with you for your school.”

I’m a Cool Kind Kid …
…So I treat everyone with the same respect!
…And I try my best to be kind!
…So I comfort my friend when she is sad!
…Who listens to others so they will listen to me!
…So I am not rude or mean to others!
…And I help whenever I’m asked or see a need!
…Who helps a new kid find his way around the school!
…And I stand up for a friend who is being bullied!
…Who pays attention in school so I can learn!
…So I use my best manners wherever I go!
…And I always try my best!
…Who doesn’t tease someone about something they can’t change!
…And I protect younger or weaker kids from bullies on the bus!
…So I don’t brag and boast about myself!
…Who plays fair, loses graciously and wins humbly!
…So I’m careful with the words I say!
…Who knows that being rude turns others off!
…So I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings!
…Who practices the Golden Rule!
…And I want to be a good friend so I’ll have many friends!
…Who compliments a friend so they feel special!
…So I know the kind kid is the cool kid, not the bully!
…Who believes bullying isn’t cool!
…And I believe it’s Cool to be Kind!

Wow! exclaimed Ms. Gilmour. “You each thought of four ways to be a Cool Kind Kid. Be sure to hang your posters at school.”

Note to Parents from Ms. Gilmour:
In response to parent focus groups, Cool Kind Kid® has just introduced new products to help parents [and educators] provide the social skills necessary for their children [or students] to reject bullying. These include three books, flash and game cards, a Bullying Prevention Resource Kit and more. All can be found at www.CoolKindKid.com.

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