I Want To Be…

coolkidWhen the kids came into class they saw a big poster that Ms. Gilmour had on the wall. As she greeted each, she asked, “Do you want to be a Cool Kind Kid?” Everyone replied, “Yes!” Then all the kids high-fived each other and jokingly asked, “Do you? Do you? Do you?” to everyone. They all laughed as the class started.

Ms. Gilmour asked, “What are some things that you think make a Cool Kind Kid?” Tanner had his hand up first, “Be kind to everyone.” Rudy added, “And be cool!” She laughed, and then asked, “What else?” Nicole said, “I think a Cool Kind Kid must be caring, like comforting a friend when they are sad.” Carmen added, “Cool Kind Kids seem to know when a friend is hurting. They try to help wherever they can.”
Stephen was waving his hand, “They not only help when someone is sad, they help at home, at school and other places.” Ms. Gilmour told them they had thought of really good things about how to be Cool Kind Kids. Truman the Dragon stood up and shouted, “Cool Kind Kids like and accept everyone, even big dragons.”

The kids all gave Truman a thumbs up!

Ms. Gilmour then asked, “How do you think the Cool Kind Kid Challenge we have been talking about for quite a while can help more kids to say, ‘I’m a Cool Kind Kid?’” Carmen said, “We have to get kids to see that being kind is the cool way to be by asking them, ‘Are you COOL enough to be KIND?’ We could show them how to tell someone their dress is pretty, instead of saying they look weird.” Nicole got excited about this and added, “We could help them see that when they are kind they will have more friends. Kids who have a lot of friends are always the cool kids.” Everyone nodded in agreement.

Tanner was jumping in his chair to share, “I know too many kids who pick on others about how they play a game. We could ask them, ‘Are you TOUGH enough to be KIND?’And then show them how to support and encourage kids, rather than being mean.” Rudy added, “Some kids think that being kind means they’re wimpy, but we know that being kind shows you are tough, confident and cool with who you are.”

Truman the Dragon was agreeing with the boys as they spoke. He shared, “I want to be a Cool Kind Kid, or dragon, just because I think it is right. Being a Cool Kind Kid means I watch what I say, so I don’t hurt someone. Being a Cool Kind Kid means that what I do is important, so I don’t do anything rude or harmful. It means being aware of others, their feelings, being caring and sharing. It means helping where I can, and showing love and respect to everyone. Everyone stood and cheered for Truman.
(C) Cool Kind Kid

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