Bully Bystanders

cool_kindAll the kids came into class hugging each other and saying, “I love you!”

Ms. Gilmour looked at them and laughed. “I see that you remembered what we talked about last time,” she said. “How did your families like your saying those three little words every day?”

Rudy replied, “My older brothers thought I was crazy, but after a while, they started doing it, too.”

Nicole said, “My parents wanted to know why I was doing that, and I told them that I wanted us to be closer. Then they began saying those words more often.”

Truman the Dragon said his family really got into it and started saying, “I love you” to all his dragon relatives.

Carmen added, “My mom makes me say those words every time I hurt my little sister. I guess it makes me stop and think how I’m treating her.”

Stephen looked at her and said, “Did you stop and think about The Golden Rule? Were you treating her the way you would want to be treated?”

Carmen looked down and said, “No, I wasn’t.”

Ms. Gilmour said, “Stephen, you made a good point; we show love to others when we treat them how we want to be treated.” She then added, “We’ve been talking a lot about bullying. There are kids who bully, the kids who are bullied and the kids who see bullying, but don’t do anything about it. Do you know what a ‘bystander’ is?”

Most of the kids looked puzzled.

Ms. Gilmour continued. “A bully bystander is someone who sees bullying going on, but is afraid to say or do anything.”

Tanner said, “I think some kids are afraid the bully will turn on them.”

Nicole added, “Some kids think that telling an adult about it is tattling.”

Rudy added, “I wouldn’t want to be a snitch.”

“Those are all good reasons for not helping someone who is being bullied,” said Ms. Gilmour. “But what if you were the one being hurt?” she asked. “Wouldn’t you want someone to help you?”

All the kids agreed that they would.

“What are some Cool Kind Kid Challenges to help kids learn to not be a bully bystander?” asked Ms. Gilmour.

Many hands went up.

Carmen said, “Remember The Golden Rule and help others, because you would want to be helped!”

Rudy added, “Stand up to the bully and HELP!”

Nicole said, “Cool Kind Kid Challengers, come to the rescue!”

Truman the Dragon added, “Stand up and breathe fire on the kids who bully!”

He was just kidding, but the other kids said there were times when they wished they could do that.

Stephen continued, “Kids! When someone is being hurt, telling an adult is not tattling!”

Tanner added, “Being a bully bystander isn’t cool or kind!”

“Tanner is right, I challenge each of you to convince your friends in school and in your neighborhoods, that being a bully bystander is definitely not cool or kind!”

Note To Parents From Ms. Gilmour:

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