Truman’s Letter

Hi, Kids!

I just love a good story, how about you? There are so many ways to enjoy a story, too. Poems, books, movies, songs, plays and dances are just a few of them! Storytelling actually dates back thousands of years and serves a very important function. That’s what we talk about in “Connections” this month.

Syria is thought to be where some of the oldest civilizations and some of humankind’s very first stories originated. It is also home to the Arabian sand cat. These small cats are adorable but fierce! And they come equipped with some pretty cool features that help them thrive in the harsh desert environments they call home. Read more about them in “Wildville.”

I hope your month is filled with wonderful stories and that you make some great memories with your friends family! Enjoy the holidays, and I will see you next year!

Your friend,

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