Letter From Truman | December 2017

Hi, Kids!

I went to the doctor for a checkup this week. She told me a lot about how my body works. Did you know there are six different systems that work together to keep your body healthy? You can read more about them in the “Connections” section.
One thing that is an important part of staying healthy is eating foods like fruits and vegetables – and fish. One kind of fish that is popular to eat in places like Norway is the saithe. These fish are plentiful and affordable – and yummy! Read more about them in the “Wildville” section.
Another way to stay healthy is to get plenty of exercise. There are many sports and activities to choose from when it comes to staying fit. Martial arts is one option. In Norway, Vikings practiced a martial art called glima. It dates back hundreds of years. Check it out in the “Cultural Connections” section.

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