Truman’s Letter October 2017

Hi, Kids!

We all know that recycling is important, but did you know that the earth does some recycling of its own? The water cycle uses the same molecules over and over. Have you ever wondered about the energy source that makes the water cycle work? Find out all about it in the “Connections” section.

The wettest place on Earth is in India. And do you know what is made in India? Silk! This super smooth fabric is made of fibers that come from cocoons. It’s true! Find out more about it in the “Cultural Connections” section.

Ari Sarsalari is a digital on-camera meteorologist at The Weather Channel. He gets to tell people the weather forecast, which often involves rain and snow, both important parts of the water cycle. He shares a fun fact about heat lightning, too. Read about it in the “What’s It Like to Be …” section.

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