Movie Review September 2017

These wonderfully animated episodes are interesting and teach a lot of social skills. You can learn a lot of things science-wise, plus you can learn things about being confident, telling the truth and knowing that you are beautiful and unique. There are very deep messages in this series, which is awesome, but the animation lacks detail.

In each episode, Mily has a different question that she wants answered or a different problem to be solved. She travels her neighborhood, goes to her friends, asks her family and learns as much as she can. Eventually, she understands and gets her questions answered.

The director, Alexis Ducord impressed me by how he developed the plotlines, the different personalities of the characters and the types of questions that Mily asks. The questions are appropriate questions for the targeted audience. I love how the questions are answered. You get a deep understanding, most of the time. Sometimes the question is not fully answered and leaves you hanging. But most of the time the answers are great.

The animation comes up short when the characters talk; either their mouths don’t move in sync with the words or sometimes the audio is late. I love all the facial expressions and the body language that indirectly portrays emotion.

My favorite episode is number 3, when Mily isn’t accepted onto the swim team. She says to herself that she will never set foot in a pool again and gives up her dream of swimming. But she soon realizes that to succeed you have to make mistakes. Sometimes you might not get accepted, but you should keep trying and not give up. This episode is a deep one and gets the message across very clearly.

The DVD Mily Miss Questions: Season 1 has great educational, animated episodes that I recommend for kids ages 5 to 9. This series teaches a lot of valuable morals in a very interesting way. I give this DVD 3 out of 5 stars because some questions aren’t fully answered and the animation could use improvement. I still enjoyed watching this DVD and you should too. You can find it on DVD .

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