Truman’s Letter – August 2017

Hi, Kids!

Have you ever wondered what makes us each unique? A lot of it has to do with science! The information in the cells that we are made of determines things like hair color, height and skin tone. While scientists have learned a lot about this in recent decades, farmers were in the business of picking and choosing certain traits for plants and animals thousands of years ago. Read more about it in the “Connections” section. “Cultural Connections” is all about the Renaissance and Italian art. Renaissance means rebirth. During this period, artists started focusing more on people and less on legends and religious stories. It was an exciting time to be an artist. Many of the works created during the Renaissance are famous even today.

Scientists are working to find connections between humans and other groups in the Hominidae family. Neanderthals are one of these species. Using genetic samples, they hope to learn more about groups like Homo Habilis, Cro-Magnon and Homo erectus. “Wildville” is about some of the things scientists are learning about these different groups. I hope you are enjoying your summer!


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