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Kidsville Connections – Drop Everything and Read

The Wonders of Science – Sudsy Spring Fever

Off the Shelf – Doe a D.E.A.R.

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Letter From Truman



Hi Kids,

Do you want to learn how to speak Pig Latin? It’s International Joke Month, so check out Write to the Point, and send us your favorite jokes to be published in our next edition.

While you will be playing lots of games this summer, we have a great contest for you. Since it’s National Scrabble Month, our Gift Card Contest challenges you to take tiles to create a word that adds up to the highest score for a chance to win a $50 Gift Card to Classic Cake (see below for the details).

July wouldn’t be complete without talking about the 4th of July. Learn lots of fun facts about our Freedom and do the puzzles that challenge you to complete the patriotic phrase and identify the Original 13 Colonies.

Enjoy this month full of fun.

Your Friend,